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The composition of mobile concrete batching plant

April 21, 2017

The mobile concrete batching plant is a kind of special form concrete batching plant,it is a concrete production equipment of material storage, weighing, conveying, stirring, unloading and automatic control system focus on drag deity. Its process, operation and maintenance are exactly the same as stationary concrete batching plant. The mobile concrete batching plant has unique features such as flexible, easy disassembling swiftness, simple storage management.

mobile concrete batching plant

Mobile concrete batching plant mainly composed of six parts:
1.The host chassis:the cantilever shaped mixing console chassis, chassis contains a trailer truck traction pin, parked inside leg. Chassis mixer, measurement of cement and water additive was laid on the chassis. Attached inspection stages andrailings around.
2.The control room, control room is at the bottom of thehostchassis, built-in automatic control system, in working state the control system as the former point of the site, when ferry transports, control room fold collect within the stent space. All of its control circuit do not need disassem.
3.Aggregate weighting: the system located on the sitebackend, the upper isaggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper, storage hopper can be divided into 2 or 4 parts, and set a higher board to increase the loading capacity, aggregate metering cumulative measurement methods for a variety of material. With a walk at the bottom of the rear axle and frame leg while working.
4.Belt conveyor frame, the frame is truss structuresfor the connection between a host chassis and aggregate ingredients framework, built-in belt rack,combinemain frame, belt frame, ingredients framework to the main structure of the mobile concrete batching plant.
5.Peripheral parts: the cement siloand screw conveyor, peripheral components are integral partsin work or transportation process, can transport without dismantling.
6.Mixing console: general use JStype forced mixer, it can be finished mixing liquid ordry concrete quickly.

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