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Mixture gradation control of asphalt mixing plant for sale

September 27, 2017

The mixture gradation control of asphalt mixing plant for sale directly affects the performance of the asphalt road. If the gradation of the mixture is unreasonable, the pavement will have voids too big or too small, permeable, rut and other problems, shorten the service life of the road and seriously affect the quality of the project. So the control of the mixture gradation is also one of the skills that the project operator must have.

asphalt mixing plant for sale

Factors affecting the mixture gradation are: raw material particle size changes, mixing plant screen changes, measurement error range and others. The particle size of the raw material directly affects the gradation of the mixture. When the raw material is found to be changed, the operator should adjust the production ratio with the laboratory. Mixing plant hot material screen changes is an important factor affecting the mixture gradation, if the screen is blocked, hot material screening is not sufficient, it will make the gradation thinner, if the screen has breakage, damage, leakage, wear, it will make the mixture gradation thicker. Asphalt mixing plant measurement error also directly affect the mixture gradation, if the measurement error range adjustment is too large, it will make the production ratio has a larger deviation with the target, and seriously affecting the quality of the mixture. If the measurement error range adjustment is too small, it will increase the measurement time and affect the output, also make the measurement overrun frequently, affecting the normal work of the asphalt mixing plant.

In short, the operator should pay close attention to the changes of raw materials, often check the screen, find the problem and solve it timely, according to the characteristics of asphalt mixing plant and other factors, adjust the measurement range to the best condition. Carefully consider other factors that affect the mixture gradation, thus ensuring the mixture gradation control of asphalt mixing plant for sale.

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