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Maintain electrical control system of concrete batching plant

October 13, 2017

The electric control system of concrete batching plant is regards as the core of the whole equipment. Only a small problem can result to the machine stop running and delay the construction period. So the maintenance of electric control system is the key of concrete batching plant maintenance! Generally, there are 5 aspects.

concrete batching plant

1, lightning protection and grounding.
The lightning protection is very important in thunderstorms weather, check the connection and corrosion situation of lightning protection devices regularly, such as measure the resistance of lightning protection grounding system, regular inspection of the fuselage anti interference grounding, fix the damage immediately if it is founded.
2, electrical connections.
Regularly check the electrical facilities and hidden lines, fasten the electrical contact, check the electrical components and fixed situation, so that the contact and conduction is in good condition. The outdoor connection should have dust-proof, moisture-proof and safety protection measures.
3, weighing system maintenance.
Weighing system including sensors, connectors (or connecting components), amplifiers, etc., is a crucial part of the concrete batching plant, the main points of protection are as follows. Prevent lightning strike, welding current burn down. Dust prevention, moisture prevention and external damage prevention. Handle the connection parts well , make it strong, safe contact well. Prevent the abnormal material overload to damage it.
4, electrical safety.
All electrical facilities should comply with safety standards from design to installation. All electrical equipment has safety protection measures and safety signs. All power equipment has special setting switch or insurance for protection.
5, protection and inspection of outdoor electrical equipment.
All outdoor electrical equipment such as motor terminal, travel switch wiring and contacts, regular inspect the electrical conditions, detect the sensitivity and reliability of action.

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