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How to maintain mixing system of mobile concrete batching plant

October 20, 2017

Mixing system is the core part of the whole mobile concrete batching plant, and its performance directly affects the production efficiency and the quality of the end concrete. So the correct and regular maintenance is extremely important. How can we maintain the mixing system of mobile concrete batching plant correctly? I think we Haomei Machinery can give you some suggestions!

mobile concrete batching plan
1. Each working class should clean the mixing shaft, stirring blade, wash the adhesive material in the mixing tank thoroughly to prevent the material coagulation and shaft hold.
2. The gap between the mixing blade and the liner should be adjusted regularly to extend the service life of the mixing blade and liner (the gap between the blade and the liner should be kept within 5mm, and the blade should be rotated to the highest position of the lining plate for adjustment).
3. We should pay attention to refueling and change the oil of the mixer host reducer, on the mixer host shutdown state, the oil level should be in the middle position. The grade of gear oil is mainly based on the requirements of reducer nameplate. After 200 hours’ work, the new machine should change oil, and then change it after 1500 hours’later.
4. We should often check the stability of the reducer, whether there is noise or abnormal sound. Check whether the gas / air vent can not ventilate, which will cause the gearbox to leak.
5. The mixer shaft end seal of mobile concrete batching plant should be refueled provisions of each host start or regular according to the regulations, in order to ensure the oil seal structure long-term normal operation;
6. The inspection of the triangle belt of the mixing machine is needed, the belt should be no flanging, no crack, should be tensioned without relaxation.

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