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Operation notes of JS concrete mixer

October 31, 2017

JS concrete mixer is a famous concrete machine series, the typical model is JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 and JS3000. During the operation process of JS concrete mixer, the operator should be in accordance with the guidelines. In the mixing process. JS concrete mixer operators should comply with the following points:

concrete mixer

1, feeding according to the technical parameters, each time to join the material (including water) added every time is no more than 2400kg.
2, only can enhance the feeding after finished discharging material, close the unloading door.
3, feeding order of the hopper is: sand, cement, stone. When feeding and lifting, the hopper should not fall to the bottom of the pit.
4, in the process of feeding, add water immediately to reduce the mixing time and dust flying.
5, when the limit switch is in function, you must disconnect the main power (after the mixing tank material stirred well), and then manually reset the power.
6, after rising the hopper, people is allowed to stay under the hopper.
7, only operator can operate the handle and buttons.
8, pay attention to electrical safety and prevent electrical original, wire damp and damaged.
9, if the mixing process is stopped by some reason, the operator should use artificial and automatic discharge device to discharge 50% of the material immediately, identify the cause and then start the operation.
10, when the alarm light is on, the upper limit switch is lost, it should be replaced or repaired.
11, the pump is strictly prohibited operate in the anhydrous state, otherwise it will damage the mechanical seal.
12, in the course of operation, the maintenance should not be taken.

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