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How to lay the pipeline of trailer concrete pump

December 14, 2017

Trailer concrete pump is one of the most popular commercial concrete pump equipment of construction site. Because of the application range is wide, the price is reasonable, so trailer concrete pump is welcomed by construction company. However, there are limitation also, such as laying of pipelines. How to lay the pipeline of trailer concrete pump? What are the notes we should pay attention to? In order to make sure that there is no error in construction, there are some key points.

trailer concrete pump

Specifically, trailer concrete pump piping arrangement can be implemented from the following aspects.
1, in the deployment of trailer concrete pumps pipeline should ensure smooth pumping, and minimizing its length under the premise of normal conveyance, and reduce the elbow to reduce the resistance of the conveyance.
2, It’s better to put 2 meters straight pipe in front of the conical tube and then use the elbow, but also to ensure straight pipe axis coincides with the conical tube axis, and be fixed and reliable, so that the cone tube can be disassembled and quickly installed back.
3, the pipeline must be firmly connected, the elbow should add solid fixed device, the horizontal pipe should set up a solid point every 10 meters distance, the pipe clamp to be vacant in order to remove or connect the pipeline. The clamps must be fastened in place to ensure tight seal joints, no water and slurry leakage.
4, according to the site construction conditions and taking over the request to connect the pipeline, lay the pipeline reasonable to eliminate hidden dangers.

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