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How to improve the efficiency of concrete pump truck

December 29, 2017

Concrete pump truck must be one of the most used concrete equipment in the construction project. Due to the quality of the concrete for pumping and the construction environment, the efficiency of concrete pump truck will be lower than theory capacity. To improve the efficiency is the best method of saving time and cost, high efficiency has a lot of benefit on the project and the equipment. Here are some tips for helping you when pumping and pouring concrete on the construction site.

concrete pump truck

1, the sequence of pumping construction is from far to near. When pumping concrete, the concrete pump trucks should be kept in the order of from far to near, for it can save concrete.
2, the principle is vertical first and the horizontal after. The concrete in the same area should be pumping and pouring in accordance with the order of the vertical structure to the horizontal structure, continuous pouring layer by layer.
3, to the pouring time, if the construction gap is not allowed, the pouring intermittent time between different regions or between the upper and lower concrete can not exceed the initial setting time of concrete.
4, the processing of concrete joints, when the lower layer concrete is initial setting, and it needs to pouring the upper layer concrete, it should follow the provision of the construction joints.
5, the Pre-preparation, during pouring, the concrete pouring area should be pre-divided according to the structural characteristics, planar shape and geometry, concrete supply and pumping equipment capacity, labor and management capacity, and surrounding site size.

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