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Preparation of asphalt batch mixing plant before starting

January 3, 2018

Asphalt batch mixing plant is the most important equipment in pavement construction. If we want to improve the efficiency of asphalt mixing plant, we must do some work before starting the equipment, which can save more time, labor and cost during processing. Preparation before working is the basic of normal operation, and it is an essential part of producing qualified asphalt. What should we do for preparation? The tips are as following.

asphalt batch mixing plant

1, Notice the weather conditions (such as changes in wind, rain, snow and temperature) to see if it has influence on production.
2, Check the level of the diesel oil tank , the heavy oil tank and the asphalt tank every morning. It should be supplemented in time when the oil level of the tank is only 1/4.
3, Check if the temperature of the asphalt has reach the required level, if the temperature is not reached, then we should be heat the asphalt until reach the standard temperature.
4, Check the amount of aggregate according to the ratio of cold aggregate, if any material is lacked, the amount must complete before production.
5, Check whether the personnel and auxiliary equipment are complete, such as whether the loader and the vehicle is in place, and the operators in each position are in place.
6, Preheat, check the oil amount of heat conduction oil furnace and asphalt valve position of the asphalt mixing plant, start the asphalt pump, check whether the asphalt can be from the asphalt storage tank to the weighing hopper.

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