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The dust removal equipment of concrete batch plant

January 10, 2018

To a concrete batch plant during working, when the cement silo is transporting cement, or when the aggregate and cement are going to mixing in the concrete mixer, there will have large amount of dust to be produced. All the dust and waste air will cause pollution to the around environment. The dust removable equipment is used for collect the dust as much as possible to clear the environment to meet the requirement of related environmental regulations.

concrete batch plant

With the rapid developing of industrial production, people pay more attention on the environment protection than before, more and more concrete batch plants are used in construction site, more efficient dust removal equipment is required, so it is developed from simple to complex, single to variety, imperfect to perfect. According to the working principle and structure type, dust removal equipment can be divided into three kinds: dry dust collector, wet dust collector and bag dust collector. Dry dust collector is mainly used for 1 level dust removable equipment, wet dust collector and bag dust collector are used for 2 level dust removable equipment. 1 level dust collector can filter out the coarse dust in emissions, it is configure in small batching plant generally. In addition to filter coarse dust, the 2 level dust collector also need to carry out a work to filter out the micro dust in the emissions, large and medium-sized concrete batching plant use 1 level and 2 level dust collector to meet environmental requirements, the two levels dust collectors used together can achieve more ideal effect of dust removal.

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