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Asphalt Plant Mixer Equipment

July 26, 2022

The asphalt plant mixer equipment is used for manufacturing asphalt mixture for highway, road, airport, water conservancy construction. The raw materials for the production of asphalt mixture are asphalt, coarse aggregate stone, fine aggregate sand, mineral powder, heavy oil for equipment combustion, heat transfer oil for asphalt heating tank,

asphalt plant mixer equipment

Composition materials of asphalt plant mixer equipment are:

1, Asphalt material: Asphalt pavement generally uses road petroleum asphalt, or petroleum asphalt processed by emulsification, dilution, blending, modification and other processes as the binder. Coal tar pitch is sometimes used, but rarely used. Road petroleum asphalt is divided into 7 grades according to the penetration degree, and the asphalt of each grade is divided into three grades: A, B, and C, which are respectively suitable for different grades of roads and different structural levels.

2, Coarse aggregate refers to the part of the aggregate with a particle size larger than 4.75mm (or 2.36mm), including crushed stone, crushed gravel, screening gravel, steel slag, slag, etc. Coarse aggregates are divided into 14 specifications according to particle size.

3, Fine aggregate refers to the part of the material whose particle size is less than 4.75mm (or 2.36mm) in the aggregate.

4, Filler, the particle size is less than 0.6mm.


The asphalt mixture can be obtained by reasonable gradation and combination of the above materials. Asphalt pavement is various types of pavement formed by paving and rolling asphalt concrete. Asphalt concrete is a mixture formed by fully mixing asphalt material with a certain viscosity and an appropriate amount and a certain gradation of mineral aggregates by asphalt mixing plant equipment. As the asphalt pavement material, asphalt concrete has to bear the repeated action of the vehicle load and the long-term influence of environmental factors in the process of use.


Therefore, while asphalt concrete produce by asphalt plant mixer equipment has a certain bearing capacity, it must also have good durability against natural factors. That is to say, it must be able to show sufficient stability under high temperature environment, crack resistance under low temperature conditions, good water stability, long-lasting anti-aging and anti-skid properties for safety, so as to ensure the asphalt pavement good service features.

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