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120m3/h Concrete Batch Plant

August 2, 2022

The 120m3/h concrete batch plant is model HZ2120 concrete batching plant, the theoretical productivity is 120m³/h, which is a mandatory and high-efficiency mixing equipment. The 120m3/h concrete batching plant in Haomei Machinery not only has the high mixing efficiency of the concrete mixing station, the work is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also has the economical characteristics of the concrete mixing plant. When calculate the annual productivity of HZS120 concrete batching plant, the actual output per hour is more reasonable according to 100m³ , 8 hours a day, 300 a year, the total annual output can reach 144,000 cubic meters of concrete (240,000 cubic meters × 60%).

120m3/h concrete batch plant

120m3/h concrete batch plant can be regard as a large concrete batching plant model with reasonable cost. And it is welcomed on the market. HZS120 concrete batching plant win good market reputation and can be seen as advanced concrete batch plant type. The concrete batching plant has a history of more than 40 years in my country, and it is now the fifth generation of products.

First generation product:

The simple concrete mixing plant equipment composed of drum mixer is used for general road construction, infrastructure construction, temporary construction and housing construction.

Second generation product:

The concrete mixing plant represented by the JS500 forced concrete mixer can be used for foundations and multi-storey buildings in addition to the first-generation products.

Third generations of products:

JS750 concrete mixer and JS1000 concrete mixer and the corresponding batching machine (collecting hopper), the small-scale mixing plant is also used for commercial mixing.

Fourth generations of products:

JS1500 concrete mixers and larger concrete mixers consist of HZS75 concrete batching plant, HZS120 concrete batch plant, HZS180 concrete batching plant, HZS240 commercial concrete mixing stations, HZS270 commercial concrete mixing stations, etc.

Fifth generations of products:

In order to adapt to the mobile concrete batching plants and foundation-free concrete batching plants evolved from various sites.


According to the distribution of cities, when building a mixing station in cities, it is recommended to use a 120m3/h concrete batch plant with a dual-machine configuration (one ready mixed commercial concrete production enterprise, it is reasonable to build two sets of 120-type concrete mixing stations at the same time), because the mixing system of concrete batching plant 120m3/h has mature technology and high cost performance, it matches the concrete tanker with a loading capacity of 8 cubic meters, which can maximize the use efficiency.

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