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Concrete Paver Block Machine

August 9, 2022

The concrete paver block machine can form 14-20 pieces 100mm×200mm bricks at one time, without the use of pallets. Any pavement product can be produced such as any colored pavement tiles, lawn tiles, U-shaped drainage bricks and 1.2 meters long and 0.6 meters wide, 0.4 meters thick roadside stone, road shoulder stone can all be produced, the class output is more than 20,000 pieces, and it has all the characteristics of the above new models. The concrete paver block making machine is the most ideal equipment of choice for the production of high-grade cement products in today’s large-scale cement products factories.

concrete paver block machine

This concrete paver block machine equipment has double fuel tanks, double filter vertical integral self-priming power, power distribution box, pressing and jacking up the die top, and multiple seals of the reversing valve. The concrete block making machine equipment basically requires no maintenance and has a long service life. It can produce any product within 1000*600 , such as: lawn bricks, pavement color bricks, road slab bricks and large curb stones can all be produced.


The concrete pavement block making machine equipment can produce larger cement products for municipal use, and the parallel bar design can ensure that the thickness of the cement products produced is exactly the same, and the color surface layer can be added arbitrarily. It can produce new high-strength non-burning bricks and hollow bricks.

(1), The flow operation design; fewer people are needed, no special person is required to deliver raw materials, the equipment can be operated continuously, and there is no need to stop the stacking; greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.

(2), The concrete paver block machine equipment is divided into different models, including 6 machines, 8 machines, 12 machines, 16 machines, 18 machines, 26 machines, 28 machines, 30 machines, and 34 machines, and all of them can be automatically Loading, automatic brick, multi-purpose machine.

(3), One-time long-distance palletizing; saving space, saving labor and time, and ensuring product quality.

(4), No need for pallets, reduce pallet investment, reduce labor turnover costs for secondary palletizing of finished bricks, and ensure product quality is intact. Board wear and tear is very expensive.

(5), The output is high and labor costs are saved; each piece of brick produced can save 4-5 cents in labor costs compared with the old model (the result of comparison by many manufacturers) is calculated according to the class output of 6,00 dollars, Every day, each minicomputer can save more than 20 dollars in labor costs, and the mainframe can save even more.

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