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Automated Concrete Batching Plant

January 5, 2021

The characteristics of the automated concrete batching plant: the concrete mixer realizes mixing progress without manual operation. In addition, the automatic concrete batching plant need no manual cleaning, non-stick mixing shaft, non-stick mixing drum cover. The concrete receiving hopper is designed with wear-resistant technology, durable, long service life, and does not damage the bucket body.


The additive scale adopts anti-leakage technology to ensure the safety of concrete. The water scale adopts pressurized water unloading technology, and can easily add and subtract water, and accurately control the slump of concrete. The hopper realizes non-stick sand and fast unloading technology, and the feeding process is fully enclosed without pollution. The cement silo is equipped with a centralized controller and a negative pressure pulse back-blowing dust collection device, which is convenient for the direct control of the bulk truck driver, and realizes the safety and dust removal of the cement silo. The automatic control system is easy to operate, stable and reliable, with multiple functions such as replenishing scale, buckling scale, continuous, and intelligent reminding.

automated concrete batching plant

Automated concrete batching plant is an indispensable equipment in infrastructure construction, and the automatic control system is the brain that controls the entire concrete batching plant, covering various departments of the concrete mixing plant management needs at all levels. Concrete batching plant HZS is a set of performance and cost-effective concrete mixing plant model developed by our company based on the advanced equipment experience of concrete mixing plant and combined with its own years of exploration experience in the mixing plant industry. The mixing plant adopts a twin-shaft main engine, mixing efficiency, safe and stable operation, and the overall structure design is very reasonable, which is a product that is very worth buying.


The automatic concrete batching plant has the effective characteristics: tasks are freely queued, intelligent and continuous, and the efficiency is increased by 10%; the industry host discharges adaptive control, overflow, and speed are integrated, and the discharge speed is increased by 25%; intelligent process control, give full play to equipment efficiency, and reduce operating energy consumption by 10%. Aggregate intelligent batching control technology, measurement accuracy is greatly improved; powder automatic weighing function, ensure the safety of powder measurement; small dose measurement technology, easily respond to the weighing accuracy of small dose formula, to meet the needs of special formulations.


The construction unit calculates the daily concrete demand according to its own construction plan, and then divides the daily demand by the number of working hours to get the hourly concrete demand, and then chooses the corresponding automated concrete batching plant model according to the hourly concrete demand to avoid the problem of insufficient output of concrete mixing plant or waste of equipment.

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