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Batch Mixing Plant for Concrete

January 8, 2021

The mixing capacity of concrete batch mixing plant is 25-240m3/h, which cover small medium and large models. However it is the theory productivity, the actual productivity is lower than the theory capacity. What are the factors that affect the actual capacity of concrete batching plant?

1, The actual production capacity of the unit
The actual production capacity of the concrete mixing plant is related to the model of the unit (that is, the continuous production capacity or the theoretical production capacity), the size of the concrete mixer truck configured, and the in and out speed of the concrete mixer truck. The choice of mixing unit for commercial concrete mixing plant is an important factor in determining the production scale of the commercial concrete mixing plant. Since construction joints are not allowed in the concrete pouring construction, this determines that the ready mix concrete plant must have at least 2 single mixing units or 1 combined mixing unit, so as to ensure that at least 1 unit is running in the event of a failure to ensure concrete The continuity of pouring construction should be taken seriously when selecting the mixing unit.

batch mixing plant

2, Vehicle configuration
On the premise that the production capacity of the mixing unit of the commercial concrete batching plant is determined, whoever has a reasonable concrete transit mixer configuration can seize more market shares, provide more and better services, and at the same time fully considering that the production capacity of the concrete mixer truck and the batch mixing plant is matched, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the transportation task within the market share, but also to consider not making the equipment idle and increasing investment. Improve the utilization rate of concrete trucks as much as possible on the premise of science and reason.

3, Determination of production scale
In actual production, not only the mixing unit and the concrete mixer truck should be matched reasonably, but also the adaptability of the mixing unit and raw materials and products, the actual production capacity of the mixing unit, and the utilization rate of the mixing unit should be considered comprehensively. The actual production of the commercial concrete batching plant is intermittent. When there are users, it runs continuously. After the pouring is completed, it shuts down to repair and overhaul the equipment.

The factors that affect the production scale of the batch mixing plant are not only the above three points, but also have a close relationship with the storage of raw materials, the variety of concrete, the logistics of the concrete mixing plant and the sales market, etc. Therefore, when building a concrete mixing plant, we must determine our needs in detail. Only in this way can we maximize the production efficiency of our mixing plant!

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