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Automatic cement brick making machine features

September 6, 2019

The automatic cement brick making machine are famous of low labor cost, only 2-3 people can operate the brick machine with high efficiency. The automatic brick making machine adopt semi or fully automatic control system to finish the whole brick manufacturing processing. So the quality control is better, the working period is longer, the productivity is higher, so the profits is higher. So the automatic brick machine is very suitable for brick making business.

automatic cement brick making machine

The product features of Haomei QT series automatic cement brick making machine are:

1, The mold is once precision casted and molded by carburizing. Each mold can be replaced separately in use; such mold can be refurbished to greatly reduce the cost of mold use.
2, The specific characteristics of the electronic control system: the whole process PLC intelligent control, the brick making machine is equipped with data input and output devices to achieve the ideal man-machine dialogue. The control system also includes advanced safety logic control and fault diagnostic systems. Optional remote control.
3, Cloth system: The unique forced cloth mechanism and special arch rods adapted to different mold cavity changes play the role of forced arching and secondary agitation, which can ensure the uniformity of large-volume fly ash fabric to the greatest extent.
4, Vibration system: Special technology is used to optimize the vibration axis, so that the vibration is evenly distributed throughout the platen, thus greatly improving the consistency of brick performance, the stability of the automatic cement brick making machine, and making higher in the case of the same ratio. Quality products while effectively reducing noise. The unique fixed table design can improve the molding speed of the product and the accuracy of the product size.
5, Hydraulic system: the use of advanced hydraulic dual-proportional control technology, can easily control the pressure and oil volume of any branch oil circuit of the hydraulic system, so that different raw materials can be used to produce the same high-quality products.

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