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Advantages of dry batch concrete plant

September 3, 2019

Dry batch concrete plant has the advantages of good batch quality, low cost and accurate ingredients measurement. This is a special concrete batch plant equipment specially used for the production of cement products together with concrete mixer trucks. This type of dry mix concrete batching plant equipment can meet the special requirements of various types of ready mix concrete company or construction projects, so the market demand is relatively hot.

dry batch concrete plant

The dry batch concrete plant adopt vertical structure, the whole plant is moderate, the structure is compact and save cover area, it is also easy to install and trans-move. Dry batch concrete mixing plant technology has not passed through the mixing system of wet concrete batching plant, and the mixing process is completed in the mixing barrel of concrete mixing truck. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple installation, easy use, high production efficiency, economic saving and strong versatility.


The workflow of dry batch concrete plant is sand, gravel and cement aggregates are weighed by electronic weighing or manual weighing scale, and then the weighed aggregates are discharged into the mixer. At the same time, a certain proportion of water is discharged into the concrete transit mixer. Before the transit mixer arrives at the construction site, the aggregate in the mixer drum should be mixed at least 70 to 100 rpm. Dry batch concrete mixing plant is mainly used in sparse areas to avoid the segregation of wet concrete caused by long-distance, long-term and non-stop movement of the mixer, which will make the quality of concrete worse.

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