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High quality concrete mixer large volume

August 27, 2019

For a good quality concrete mixer large volume, one of the key points to be investigated is the quality and performance of the mixing system. In addition to the agitator shaft, the bearing, and the shaft end seal, the mixing system includes a mixing drum, a stirring arm, a stirring blade, a lining plate, and the like. Profaneness large concrete mixer manufacturers like Haomei have engaged in improving the mixing performance of the concrete mixer by enhance the key point of concrete mixers.

concrete mixer large

The large shaft bearing of the large concrete mixer guarantees the quality and performance of the mixer. The agitator shaft support is shared by the independent bearing seat and the tapered roller bearing with tapered sleeve. The concrete mixer effectively ensures the good working environment of the bearing through the action of two skeleton oil seals, and the gap between the shaft end seal and the bearing seat prevents the bearing from damaging the bearing in the event of a short-term failure. The shaft end seal of the concrete mixer adopts multi-layer seal to ensure no slurry leakage. From the feedback of users in the past years, it basically reaches 99% without slurry leakage. This effectively extends the service life of the concrete mixer from a technical point of view.


The mixing drum of Haomei concrete mixer large model adopts 8mm thick steel, so that the weight of the whole machine can resist the damage of the equipment during the mixing process, and the liner and the stirring arm and the stirring blade inside the mixing drum are specially treated with the manganese-containing alloy wear-resistant material. It is thick and sturdy, has considerable thickness and weight, and ensures the agitator performance and wear durability of the concrete mixer.

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