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Bricks making machine price

August 23, 2019

Bricks making machine price on the market is related with the equipment configuration and model capacity and manufacturing company. Haomei is a bricks making machine manufacturer in China, our QT series brick machine adopts the hydraulic system as a double pump and double circuit, and the professional combination realizes the working cycle of packing, discharging, pressurizing and demoulding. The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with oil temperature automatic heating, cooling system and oil purifier device. Multi-continuous filtration is adopted to ensure the best use condition of hydraulic oil.

bricks making machine price

The automatic feeding trolley adopts the volumetric feeding method and is equipped with a forced stirring structure to ensure uniform feeding and improve production efficiency. The whole production process can be fully automatic controlled. Haomei do not only offer high quality bricks making machine equipment, we also provide aftersales service and training service. We will give professional guidelines on the maintenance. The maintenance is to make the automatic brick machine always in the best production state, with a solid and reliable work efficiency, and prolong the service life of the brick machine. For the maintenance of brick machine, there are clear maintenance rules in the “Utilization and Maintenance Manual” provided by the brick machine manufacturer. For the bricks making machine price, if it is too high or to low, we should pay attention on the equipment configuration and also after sales service.

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