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Automatic fly ash brick making machine

November 20, 2019

The Haomei automatic fly ash brick making machine control system is mainly based on the fully automatic PLC electrical system controller. The electrical system is controlled by programmable controller PLC, equipped with data input and output device. The control system includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system. The hydraulic control system consists of a large-capacity tank body automatic pressure regulating variable system, high and low pressure control system, and synchronous demoulding device. The combined technology makes each cycle of fly ash brick making machine operation consistent, resulting in high stability of the molded product and low reject rate.

automatic fly ash brick making machine

The hydraulic system and prepare the cooling system to ensure the temperature and viscosity of the oil makes the whole hydraulic system more stable and reliable. It adopts advanced oil filtration system to ensure the service life of the hydraulic components and the stability of the hydraulic system. Imported computer electrical seals, hydraulic components use high dynamic performance proportional valves to precisely control the movement of key components.


The vibration press molding device of fly ash brick making machine is composed of frame body, unique excitation, vibration isolating device, pressurizing device and demolding device. Vertically oriented vibration, pressure forming, and simultaneous demoulding. The fabric device rotates to the multi-axis through the directional feeding mechanism, or reciprocates the fabric to the fabric, and the fabric is even and rapid; the fabric is pre-vibrated, the molding cycle is shortened, the production efficiency is improved, the fly ash brick quality is compact, the strength is high, and the size is accurate. A automatic brick making machine equipped with a feeding device for a horizontal secondary cloth system can produce colored fabric road bricks. The unique vibration isolation system concentrates the excitation force on the mold, which ensures the block compactness and reduces the vibration and noise of the automatic fly ash brick making machine frame.

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