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Concrete mixer price and quality

November 26, 2019

The concrete mixer price of China manufacturers is not high on the market, the cost of concrete mixer is related with its volume and quality. The concrete mixer mixing arm material affects its service life and cost performance. The shape and structure of the mixing arm affects the mixing effect, quality and energy consumption of the concrete mixer. The traditional stirring arm is a straight cylindrical structure made of cast iron, which is insufficient in terms of stirring effect, service life and energy consumption.

concrete mixer price

The JS twin shaft concrete mixer has changed the structure of the straight-type mixing arm. The main arm adopts a specially designed streamlined structure. The cross section of the top of the mixing arm is designed to have an elliptical structure with a sharp end, the tip end can effectively reduce the resistance of concrete mixer during mixing. The thick end of the resistance ensures the strength of the arm; the stirring arm adopts a special process during casting, and an alloy layer is cast on the surface that is easy to wear, and the life is 3 to 5 times that of the ordinary stirring arm.


Relevant test data shows that compared with the traditional straight column type mixing arm, under the same mixing conditions, 10t concrete is mixed to qualified use parameters. The mixing time of JS concrete mixer can reduce from 45s to 30s, the stirring efficiency increased by 33.34%, the power consumption was reduced from 59.4kW to 48kW, and the power consumption was reduced by 19.2%. Plus the concrete mixer price, the JS twin shaft concrete mixer is your best choice. This innovation effectively solves the key and common technical problems of traditional linear stirring arms, such as low stirring efficiency and high stirring energy consumption.

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