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Buy trailer concrete pump from China supplier

December 2, 2019

It is recommended to buy trailer concrete pump from supplier in China because of the low cost, high quality and professional service. You can contact with trailer concrete pump manufacturer to make sure the model according to the status of the project to be undertaken and the size of the equipment construction project, the length of the cycle and the frequency of transfers, the maximum pumping volume, the length of the boom, the parameters of the boom.

buy trailer concrete pump

When buy trailer concrete pump, we should investigate the production quality of trailer concrete pumps, the surface and the interior should be considered. The first is the appearance, painting, welded steel structural parts, walkways, railings, etc., which should be smooth, beautiful and fluent. Then gradually deepen into the interior, the performance quality of the gearbox, main hydraulic components, pumping system, distribution arm, slewing mechanism and slewing support.


When operating the trailer concrete pump for sale, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, Contact the front-end hose operator when starting or stopping pumping concrete. The bending radius of the front hose should be greater than 1m, and the operator is not allowed to stand at the exit of the pipe to prevent the sudden spray of concrete material to hurt people.

2, the transportation pipeline must be fixed and solid, and bending of the transportation hose is strictly prohibited to prevent the hose from exploding. When the pipeline is blocked, when the pump is pumped after treatment, the end of the soft joint will sway rapidly, and the concrete may be sprayed instantaneously. Workers must not approach the hose.

3, Do not stand on the corner of the building, hold the end hose, shaking the hose or spraying concrete, which may cause the operator to fall down.

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