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Concrete boom pump truck hot sale

December 6, 2019

Concrete boom pump truck hot sale in Haomei Machinery has strong mobility, convenient pumping, high efficiency and high degree of automation. Under normal circumstances, the life of a concrete pump truck is generally about ten years, but only we have proper operation and maintenance, the concrete boom pumps can be more durable and have longer service life. Here are some notes for prolong the service life of concrete boom pump truck.

concrete boom pump truck

1, During pumping, pay attention to slump loss. Excessive slump loss will affect pumping construction, and it is related to factors such as transportation time, cement type, high and low temperature, pumping height, and pumping duration.

2, During the pumping process, there should be enough concrete in the receiving hopper. Do not reduce the remaining concrete in the hopper to less than 200mm, otherwise the concrete pump truck will easily suck air and cause blockage. If air is sucked in, the concrete should be immediately pumped back into the hopper by reverse pumping, and then the pump should be switched to normal after removing the air.

3, The concrete boom pump truck should be cleaned in time after use. Washing water must not be discharged into the poured concrete. Before cleaning, be sure to pump back the material to reduce the residual pressure in the pipeline.

4, During construction under high temperature conditions, two layers of wet straw bags should be covered on the horizontal conveying pipe to prevent direct sunlight and wet at regular intervals. This can prevent the concrete in the pipeline from absorbing a large amount of heat and losing water and resulting in blocked pipes.

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