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Hollow block making machine price

December 10, 2019

Get hot sale hollow block making machine price from Haomei, we can supply hollow block machine high quality and low cost with good stability and fatigue resistance. The QT series hollow block making machine is suitable for the production of various standard bricks, hollow bricks, large bricks and special-shaped bricks.

hollow block making machine price

The Performance characteristics of Haomei hollow block making machine are:
1. The body of the hollow block making machine is all made of high-strength steel and special welding process. It is difficult to open and break, and is extremely durable.

2. The downhead adopts worm gear reducer driving technology, achieving smooth downward movement, Quadrangular gear meshing rack technology is adopted for downward movement of the indenter, to achieve a uniform height of the shaped bricks, neat and beautiful edges and corners, and it is not easy to damage the mold box. Two adjustable vibrators are added to the indenter, achieving the vibration requirements required for the hollow block making machine to produce different blocks.

3. The cloth box travel adopts double rack advance technology, and the movable door of the storage box is closed together. The hollow block machine is completed, the structure is simple, it is clear at a glance, the production is stable, and the maintenance is easy.

4. synchronization of traveling balance, smooth sliding, without damaging the sliding sleeve and the sliding shaft.

5. The vibration-excitation platform adopts the rubbing-plate cast steel technology-to achieve the encrypted amplitude, and evenly distribute the vibration force, so that the vibration force is fully concentrated in the vibration-excitation platform, and the compactness and high strength of the block brick are increased. At the same time, the destructive effect of the scattered vibration on the body is reduced, so the service life is long, the hollow block making machine price is worth.

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