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Maintenance tips of concrete boom pump truck

December 17, 2019

The concrete boom pump truck set driving, pumping, distribution in one of the efficient concrete conveying equipment. The concrete pump truck integrates high reliability, high economy, high safety and high durability, with reasonable matching of chassis, power, electric control, hydraulic and pumping systems. Like the buildings we build, they are made of concrete, and the formation of concrete is inseparable from the processing of concrete pump trucks. How should we maintain it?

boom pump truck

First, when the outside temperature is high, use a damp cloth and cover the pipe with a sack.

Second, check the joints of bolts, pipes and other devices frequently.

Third, check whether the control switch device of each part is in the correct position.

Fourth, during work, it is necessary to configure cement mortar in accordance with regulations to prevent incomplete utilization and damage to service life of the concrete boom pump truck.

Fifth, pay attention to the indicator lights and meters frequently. If there is an abnormal situation, adjust it in time. Do not wait until it is serious, which will seriously damage the life of the boom pump truck.

Sixth, check whether the rubber parts connecting the frame and the body are damaged and deformed, and if damaged, replace them in time.

Seventh, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning. Mixing dust and oil stains will form difficult to clean up dirt, which will cause aging of mechanical pipelines and leakage of hydraulic oil.

Eighth, pay attention to the maintenance of the chassis. When draining the oil, refer to the scale of the oil gauge. Start the boom pump truck engine five minutes after it is full, and check for leaks and whether the oil pressure is normal. After the inspection is completed, stop the inspection for 10 minutes before conducting the inspection.

Ninth, pay attention to changing the fuel filter. Generally, the three-month period is used as the standard, and the arrival date should be replaced.

Tenth, pay attention to the cleaning of the air filter element, twice a month in the dry season, once a month in the rainy season.

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