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HZS batch concrete plant

December 23, 2019

HZS batch concrete plant has precision measurement, high efficiency, concrete mixing host use twin shaft concrete mixing machine. In addition to the mixing host use JS twin shaft force concrete mixer, the concrete batching plant also includes concrete batching machine, cement silo, water tank, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, operating control system, etc. HZS concrete batch plant is often widely used in urban roads, highways, sports fields, houses and other fields.

batch concrete plant

In order to improve the mixing performance, the weighing is key point. Weighing is an important link in the consumption of concrete batching plant equipment, because concrete is mixed by specific material in a certain proportion, the more accurate the weighing of each component material, the better the quality of the concrete mixture and the original material can be saved. The equipment used to measure the original material of concrete is called concrete weighing equipment.


The basic requirements for symmetrical quantity equipment of batch concrete plant equipment are:

1. The accuracy or error of the ingredients should meet the requirements of the technical standards for concrete construction. The accuracy of an ordinary weighing machine can reach 0.5%, but due to the impact of the falling material and the gap between the feeding installation and the weighing bucket, the accuracy often cannot be achieved. The weighing error of various materials under the general rules is the quality of the data: 1% of cement, 1% of water, 2% of coarse and fine aggregate, and 1% of additives.

2. Weighing is fast. The maximum amount that the weighing machine can weigh each time should be greater than the amount of data required by the concrete mixer once, so that the concrete mixer does not idle due to waiting for ingredients.

3. In order to meet the needs of preparing various grades of concrete, the weighing equipment of batch concrete plantshould be able to quickly change the weighing weight.

4. The structural stress diagram of the weighing device is simple and sturdy, and the operation and adjustment are convenient, and the work is reliable.

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