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Hot Sale Batching Plant Equipment

December 14, 2020

Hot sale batching plant equipment provides aggregate storage and a uniform flow of properly sized material for mixing. Concrete is currently the most widely used and used building material in the world. With the acceleration of urbanization, commercial concrete has been rapidly promoted and applied, and the appearance of many construction sites has been greatly improved through the use of commercial concrete.

batching plant equipment

The batching plant equipment is often used for the construction of high-grade highways, airports, railways, municipalities, etc., to produce various concrete materials with different specifications. The concrete batching plant equipment adopting unlined double-shaft forced mixing main engine for mixing, high productivity, uniform mixing, continuous and stable production process, no need to replace liners, long service life and low maintenance cost. The environmentally friendly concrete batching plant has high efficiency and low energy consumption. Under standard conditions, a mixing cycle is guaranteed to be completed in 60 seconds, making the equipment productivity 10% higher than international. Aggregates only need to be upgraded once, and the value of electronic control is designed for energy saving to save equipment power 15%, which can effectively reduce the user’s operating costs. In recent years, the market demand has continued to increase, and the new energy-saving and environmentally friendly concrete batching plant equipment has been favored by many users. Due to the application of environmental protection and some new energy-saving technologies, power consumption and material utilization have been greatly improved.


The price of batching plant equipment is also very reasonable in Haomei Machinery, mainly depends on the configuration required by each customer itself, the configuration is different, the price of the equipment is naturally different. It is recommended that users pay attention to the equipment configuration of different manufacturers when referring to the prices of different manufacturers. After all, the price is closely related to the configuration.

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