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Advanced Mobile Concrete Batch Plants

December 11, 2020

Most of the engineering concrete mixing plants produced on the construction site are mobile concrete batch plants. The mobile concrete batching plants are mainly used to assemble mixing equipment on one or several large vehicles. In order to facilitate temporary movement, mobility, and meet the needs of on-site engineering, part of mobile concrete batch plant is used in some small-scale temporary engineering projects, such as roads, bridges and other small projects.

Mobile concrete batch plants

Do an inspection before using mobile concrete batch plants: Before each shift, no matter what type of mixing plant equipment should be fully inspected. In the mobile concrete batch plant equipment, the inspection of the mixing host is particularly important. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, the productivity is also high, and it can save concrete quality and save cement. It is often used in water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects.


The shaft end seal of the mixer of the mobile concrete batching plant series adopts a combined seal type, which is composed of a rubber seal and a steel seal. The raw materials of mobile concrete batch plant are all made of high-quality, high-strength alloy steel and wear-resistant materials, and are designed to extend the service life. They can be used for at least two years longer than the mobile concrete mixing plants produced by general manufacturers. Effectively extend the service life and wear resistance of the mobile concrete mixing plant, ensuring the effective use of the mobile concrete mixing plant. Mobile concrete batch plants are divided into engineering batch plant, commercial batch plant and simple mobile concrete batch plant. The mobile concrete mixing plant selected from Haomei Machinery has good performance and high efficiency, and is favored by customers.

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