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Belt type concrete batching plant for sale

February 1, 2019

The belt type concrete batching plant for sale is equipped with high quality concrete mixers and has high mixing efficiency and great mixing quality. According to the current market, the main products are forced concrete mixers, the specific models are JDC350, JDC500, and JS series JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000 concrete mixer.

belt type concrete batching plant for sale

The core component of the belt type concrete batching plant is the concrete mixing machine. A rigorous design was made for the mixing system. The concrete mixer of concrete batching plant for sale has reasonable mixing cylinder volume, mixing arm, blade installation quantity and installation angle. Considering the easy-bonding material at the shaft end, the wear of the lining and the problem of being difficult to clean, the shape of the shaft end lining is a specially designed in diamond pattern, and the edge of the shaft end is designed. The thickness of the mixing drum is 8 mm, and the thickness of the lining is also more than 5 mm. The stirring lining, mixing arm and blades are all high manganese steel, which is generally higher than the materials used by other manufacturers. The liner can be stirred for 5-6 million cans. Wear-resisting, durable and corrosion-resistant performance is superior to other manufacturers.

For large concrete mixers in belt type concrete batching plant for sale, double motors are equipped. The main reducer adopts planetary type, which is stable in operation, low in noise, and has anti-impact ability and long service life. The shaft end sealing technology is also superior to other manufacturers’ features. The patented shaft end sealing technology, 99% of the non-leakage does not hold the shaft. The spray paint of the mixer is used for marine paint, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, the color is bright and bright, the film thickness is high.

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