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    • Condition: New
    • Delivery port: Qingdao or Tianjin port, China
    • Payment term: L/C, T/T
    • Guarantee period: 12 months
    • Delivery time: 10-15 days after received deposit
    • Installation time: 20days
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    QT series Block making machine

    Haomei is one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Block Making Machine. Offered at affordable costs, these high functionality machines come with three sections such as mold box, stripper head and vibrator unit. Because of the 1000-1200 blocks in 8 hrs and 4000 bricks in 8 hrs of output, this range is highly appreciated among in the industry.

    soil brick making machine

    1.the machine is made of super strong steel with special welding techniques. so the machine is highly firm and shake-Resistance.
    2.integrative and simulations vibration will make the machine have the best doled and pressure effects.
    3.the machine adopts four-pole-orientation, extended and wear-resistant bushing to ensure the right movement of head of mound.
    4.adopting orienting way operation, the materials spreader will decrease the friction with mold and have o perfect spreading
    5.the hydraulic parts is from Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.
    6.the machine has a high production and good density, the block can be stacked once after being molding
    7.the machine has excellent energy-saving quality and it belongs to energy-saving machines.
    8.it uses high emission hydraulic pump and the system can move quickly
    9.the solid bricks can be stacked once after molding and then you can avoid the cost for gourd pallets and labors 1 to 2 cents.
    10.automatic.the machine adopts Siemens PLC control system with program control and automatic diagnostic program to realize the man less operation.the machine has a good design and simple operation, which will make you feel the value of technology. for her simple operation, modern way of molding, power-saving and special technology, the value of the machine es higher than price.

    brick making machine
    Technical parameters

    Modle Dimension(mm) Weight(t) Molding cycle
    QT3-15 4100*1600*3000 4.5 15-20s
    QT4-15 5420*1550*2940 6.5 15-20s
    QT6-15 6350*1680*2850 8 15-20s
    QT8-15 4750*2000*2950 10 15-20s
    QT10-15 8200*2000*2950 11 15-20s
    QT12-15 8200*2300*3000 13 15-20s
    QT15-15 5700*2500*3400 16 15-20s
    model product name product specifications number per plate block/h block/8h
    QT3-15 block 390×190×190 3 540 4320
    brick 240×115×90 11 1980 15840
    standard bricks 240×115×53 22 3960 31680
    QT4-15 block 390×190×190 4 720 5760
    brick 240×115×90 12–14 2160–2520 17280–20160
    standard bricks 240×115×53 24–26 4320–4680 34560–37440
    QT6-15 block 390×190×190 6 1400-1080 11520-8640
    brick 240×115×90 15 3600-2700 28800-21600
    standard bricks 240×115×53 36 7920-5940 63360-47520
    QT8-15 block 390×190×190 8 1920-1440 15360-11520
    brick 240×115×90 22 5040-3780 40320-30240
    standard bricks 240×115×53 45 10080-7560 80640-60480
    QT10-15 block 390×190×190 10 2400-1800 19200-14400
    brick 240×115×90 27 5760-4320 46086-34560
    standard bricks 240×115×53 54 12240-9180 97920-73400
    QT12-15 block 390×190×190 12 2160 17280
    brick 240×115×90 30 7200 57600
    standard bricks 240×115×53 60 14400 115200
    QT15-15 block 390×190×190 15 2700 21600
    brick 240×115×90 40 9600 76800
    standard bricks 240×115×53 80 19200 153600

    brick making machine

    The best professional manufacturer of brick making machine in China

    1, The factory covering 200,000㎡, 500 workers, 35 engineers, and 90 technicians.
    2, HAOMEIprovide the turn-key project for our customer, including concrete block making plant, concrete batching plant and AAC plant
    3, With independent right to export, HAOMEI is the first company in China to export the block making plant to overseas market. Until 31st, May 2013, HAOMEI has exported to 106 countries and region all over the world.
    4, Certificate:EU CE, ISO9001, ISO Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
    5, 50 technicians work overseas to do the service for our customers in different countries.

    Pre :to guide customers to choose the most suitable equipment. Free of charge to professional engineering and technical personnel to the site for users planning , design the best site production process. According to the different requirements of customers , design and produce your required products .

    Sale : The production process in strict inspection of parts. In according with the contract on time delivery

    Customer service : Assigned to the professional and technical personnel , to the scene to guide customers to install. Be responsible for equipment debugging. Responsible for on-site training operations and technical personnel. Complete sets of equipment after installation , the company designated professional and technical personnel all year round to provide technical services, until the user satisfaction.

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