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Where to buy concrete batch plant with high quality

April 14, 2017

When you want to buy concrete batching plant, there are countless manufactures and products with different technology and quality,to choose a best one for a new buyer ,it isn’t a easy to do. Only a person who have many years’ experience can have method to judge a good manufacture and product.But today,we can give you professional suggestions to prevent you go to wrong way, I believe this will helps you a lot.buy concrete batching plant

Now let us come to the point,what are a qualified product express?
The first one is the high reliability. The key components of the concrete batch plant are mixing console, spiral feeding machine, the main electrical control components, pneumatic components, etc., the performance of these components has been quite stable, the reliability and service life has improved significantly. Secondly is the high degree of automation control. At present most of the control system is stable and advanced, the generally high degree of automation. Especially in recent years the wide application of ERP system, the system can not only monitor the operation of the entire station real-time, it still can improve the management level of production and management of the customer greatly. The concrete batching plants adopt the industrial computer control mostly, the control system can be operated manually and automatic simple and convenient. The third one is the high production capacity. Current double station and multigang station have increased the production capacity of concrete company greatly, solve the shortage problem of single station capacity fundamentally. The fourth is high measuring accuracy. The measuring accuracy of concrete batching plant have 4 aspects, aggregate, cement (or admixture), water admixture,the precision of aggregate can be controlled within 2%, cement (or admixture), the precision of water, admixture can be controlled within 1%. The fifth is good mixing quality and high efficiency. The double shaft mixing console are widely used,the driving mechanism drives the stirring shaft of two synchronous reverse rotation, the mixture in the middle of the tank do the radial and axial movement, form the convection to improve the mixing quality.

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