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The concrete batching plant guidelines of functions

April 13, 2017

To built a concrete batching plant successful, many things should be taken into consideration.We have talked about steps of concrete batching plant installation and main standard of environmental protection acceptance already. When a concrete batching plant is installed,there are the problems of types of functions.It is very important to operate and manage the concrete batching plant.Here we are going to talk about are the concrete batching plant guidelines of functions.concrete batching plant guidelines

1, technical functions
*the operator should be familiar with the concrete batching plant operation disk function, key, meter, warning lights, the corresponding mechanical mechanism, electric appliance and its execution order.
*the operator should be familiar with the system working principle of mechanical equipment and lubrication, adjustment, fastening,have a certain predict sense about the mechanical failure, be able to rule out the basic fault independently.
* the operator should have the high security alert,and be responsible for team for daily maintenance and involved security issues.
2, the management function
*the manager should be responsible for scheduling and equipment, coordinate personnel from different department to finish each work mission required by work details.
* the manager should arrange time reasonable to coordinate types personnel to repair and maintenance equipment.
*the manager should report various maintenance requirements, CV report faithfully in time.
* the manager should evaluate the various type of personnel fortified, the evaluation results will be as an important reference for monthly or annual salary adjustment.

Save the cost and producing efficiency are the goals of every concrete batching plant.
The concrete batching plant guidelines will help you a lot. A qualified equipment is the key to built a successful concrete batching plant, Haomei machinery can cover what you want with all kinds of concrete machines, reasonable price, responsible service,professional products are the highlights which are exactly what you are looking for!

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