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main standard of environmental protection acceptance

April 13, 2017

Environmental protection is a important aspect in the modern economic development with many notice.While a concrete batching plant is built, we must check environmental protection of each content, it is the basic requirement of the civilization construction and green concrete production.What are the details of environmental protection standard of concrete batching plant for sale philippines?concrete batching plant foe sale philippines

The environmental protection standard in our construction acceptance is mainly include: effectively control of dust,waste water, noise, solid waste. All the standard are aim at real concrete green production.
Dust control:
The places where are easy to exit dust pollution mainly include feeding inlet,feeding site and powder cans. To prevent dust spillover, we select equipment of closed mixing procedure. In production to eliminate dust further, adding color steel plate as dust surface, use the space of airtight dirt outlet to process the produced dust in a closed space. Outside the cement feeding inlet add two pairs of symmetrical water mist spraying pipe outside of the cement feeding input to suppress the dust, prevent the spread of dust from the source head. Material sites install spray device on the top,when there is a lot dust in material site,the spray can be controlled manual or automatic to suppress dust, material site can also be equipped with automatic high-pressure water curtain to prevent dust spillover.
Waste water treatment:
Set up a drain in concrete batching plant and level 3 tank at the the drain terminal, and equipped with a solid-liquid separation device and filter device, sewage waste separation for use again. Use the precipitated water, make full use of waste water from the whole area after treatment cycle, which meet environmental standards and achieve the goal of zero discharge of sewage.
Noise control:
Noise mainly comes from mixing console equipment and air compressor and vehicles in the concrete batching plant for sale philippines. The noise from the device itself can be installed in a closed concrete structure, in the process of using,you should to strengthen the maintenance and repair, namely prolong the service life of equipment, and reduce noise pollution. For the vehicle noise, such as building area site requires according to actual condition to set partition wall, compartment belt.
Solid waste management:
The solid waste is mainly produced by clean work, life rubbish and sand separation. Building rubbish piled up and unified management, unified handling. Waste from production ratio can be used in concrete production according to the actual situation, life rubbish should be unified pickup and handling by the municipal garbage truck.

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