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eight steps of concrete batching plant installation

April 13, 2017

After you purchase a concrete batching plant,the installation is very important, the streamline procedure of concrete batching plant  installation is the guarantee of the safety and rationality. Here are the 8 steps to install a concrete batching plant.concrete batching plant installment

(1) the installation of finished product belt conveyor
Spread the finished product belt conveyor from bending,then put the back framework on the basis, connect the front and back framework, then connect front and back legs with conveyor, connect brace and rack lug well, then lift the front conveyor, link the front and back legs with brace, finally strengthen the anchor bolts of front and back legs.
(2) the installation of mixing console and powder batching system
Lift the main frame on its basis, strengthen the anchor bolts.
(3) the installation of finished product storage hopper
Lift the finished product storage hopper, hoist, set up the leg, and connect the walking board, ladders and finished product storage hopper well.
(4) the installation of concrete batching machine
Lift concrete batching machine on its basis, connect the flash board well, good will pack up heightening plate on both sides and connect them to the board, then open the original aggregate conveyor, connect the front and back frame, make the electric drum faces mixer hood hole center directly, finally strengthen anchor bolts.
(5) the installation of material storage equipment-cement silo
Assem the cement silo parts on the ground, lift cement silo, and put the side of silo underpart with less cross-brace toward powder batching system, fixed the silo body, finally fixed anchor bolts.
(6) the installation of the screw conveyor
Lift the screw conveyor, connect screw conveyor ball hinge with the cement silo discharging hole, put the hole against the powder hopper inlet, then connect conveyor and cement silo with a steel wire , fasten the anchor bolts last.
(7) the installation of water pump
Lift pump in the right place, connect with output pipe well.
(8) the installation of air compressor
Put air compressor on the side of finished product hopper, connect air compressor and are control box inlet by tracheal, connect the pipe of gas control box to cement silo.

After learn the 8 steps,you must have certain knowledge about the concrete batching plant installation. You can contact with us if you have any questions about the concrete equipment, we are waiting for you with professional advice.

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