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Standards for Cement Batch Plant

September 18, 2021

With the review by the environmental protection department, cement batch plant must meet the environmental assessment standards before they can be built. Then some customers have asked, what requirements need to be met to meet the standards for building concrete batch plants?


Requirements to be met when building a cement batch plant:

1, The meaning of producing green and environmentally friendly concrete includes the use of bulk cement (my country can save more than 3 million meters of wood in bags and more than 4 million tons of cement each year) and various admixtures (such as powdered coal and mineral admixtures) Materials, admixtures, etc. This requires that the concrete batch plant should be equipped with corresponding equipment and organization to be used to it.

cement batch plant

2, Can produce high-performance concrete. High performance concrete includes high strength, high durability and high workability. This requires that the concrete batching plant, concrete mixer trucks, and concrete pumps in the concrete machinery have good habits and reliability; the production site of commercial concrete should invent green, environmentally friendly and civilized conditions.


3, Dust emissions. Larger material yards and batching equipment use fully enclosed silos, and high-precision dust collection equipment should be placed above the concrete mixing host. The aggregates after the cleaning of the concrete mixing truck, concrete pump and pump truck and the cement batch plant should be recycled and used. Clean water can also be recycled or reused after neutralization from the beginning to achieve zero discharge of high alkaline water.


4, The noise of commercial concrete machinery is more serious than that of concrete pumps and boom pump trucks. The first is the noise of the engine itself; the second is the noise when the concrete distribution valve is reversed; the third is the pressure impact of the hydraulic system. The composite noise of the three is the main influencing factor. In order to reduce compound noise, in addition to adopting methods to reduce the noise of the three bodies, reducing the number of commutations, adding concrete suction power, improving the continuity of concrete delivery in the pipeline, and preventing pipe blockage, which can significantly reduce noise.

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