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Batching Plant Sicoma Wet Mix

September 14, 2021

Nowadays, many batching plant sicoma wet mix use SICOMA concrete mixers as the concrete mixing machine for mixing system. The SICOMA concrete mixers are equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection devices and wind pressure sealing protection devices, which can effectively prevent slurry leakage. The wet mix batching plant SICOMA mixer manufacturer ensure the parallelism, levelness and coaxiality of the two shafts and four ends of the concrete mixer. The robot weld the main body shell automatically.

batching plant sicoma wet mix

The batching plant sicoma wet mix have performance advantages of high degree of automation, strong production capacity, high weighing accuracy, good mixing quality, and strong environmental performance. The SICOMA mixer in concrete batching plant is a signal of high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality and long service life. During the operation of sicoma concrete batching plant wet mix, what should we do if the output is low?

1, Liquidity factors. High temperature, long time, low fluidity, mixed with additives, high fluidity;

2, The quantity of cement slurry. The amount of cement slurry is large, and the fluidity is large, but too much cement slurry will cause flow; if it is too small, it will cause collapse.

3, Sand rate. In the case where the cement slurry has been determined, if the sand ratio is too large, it will be dry and thick, resulting in low fluidity. On the contrary, if the sand ratio is too small, it will cause the cement slurry to be lost and segregated. These are not conducive to the progress of output of batching plant sicoma wet mix.

4, The consistency of cement slurry: the consistency of cement slurry is determined by the water-cement ratio. Low water-cement ratio, thick cement paste, low fluidity, good cohesion and water retention. Too small, construction is not dense; too large, reducing strength and durability.

5, Cement type and aggregate properties: fine cement and good fluidity. Pebble concrete has better fluidity than crushed stone concrete.

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