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Mobile Rmc Plant Design

September 7, 2021

Before building a mobile rmc plant, you must carefully select and review the process design plan, plan for various situations that may arise. And adopt scientific, advanced and environmentally friendly process plans to avoid unreasonable or mistaken process design and increase operating costs, or rework and rectification, causing economic losses.


Below, Haomei Machinery will explain to you several issues to be considered in the general layout design of the mobile concrete batching plant:

1, Rainwater drainage.

From the perspective of the entire mobile rmc plant, the entire concrete batching plant area should be an inclined plane to ensure that rainwater and material yard precipitation can be gathered together and used after precipitation. It is particularly emphasized that the road surface must have a slope to ensure that rainwater can flow away quickly. On flat roads, there will be road subsidence and accumulation of water. After the accumulation of water, the road is more likely to sink under the crushing of heavy-duty vehicles, forming a vicious circle. The road is damaged in a short period of time, and it rains and the plant area is full of oceans.


2, The gravel stacking site of mobile concrete batching plant should be divided into multiple rooms with partition walls, and the ground of each room should have a certain slope to ensure that the water seeping from the gravel can flow out and collect. In the sand and gravel stockyard, each material is stored separately, and the in-use materials are stored separately from the newly-incoming materials. The materials should be avoided while they are being used and mixed.

mobile rmc plant

3, Vehicle operation.

The mobile ready mix concrete plant has a large amount of materials in and out, and most of them are transported by large vehicles. It is necessary to ensure that the vehicles run smoothly and do not interfere with each other. A better solution is to use two doors for feeding and discharging. If one door is used, the factory door should be wide. The main road should be wide, and space should be reserved for turning and U-turning of large vehicles. The position of the weighbridge should be reasonable, and leave a long enough straight line distance between the front and back of the weighing to ensure that heavy-duty vehicles and empty vehicles can be smoothly loaded and unloaded. For sand and stone storage yards, it is necessary to consider the convenience of carts in and out and unloading.


4, Passages should be left around the main equipment to facilitate crane maintenance.


5, Set up a dedicated car washing position. After the concrete mixer truck is loaded, immediately drive out of the loading position and go to the dedicated car washing position without delaying other car loading, which is beneficial to increase the hourly output of the concrete mixer.


6, The floor of the loading space under the mobile rmc plant concrete mixer must have a certain slope, so that the sewage from cleaning the concrete mixer and the ground can be automatically collected. The leakage of materials during the production process, the unloaded materials from the inspection quality, and the remaining concrete after the laboratory inspection must be uniformly considered for the treatment plan.

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