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    Model: QT series
    Molding cycle: 15-20S
    Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr
    Power: 20-48kw

    • Specifications
    • Models of Cement Block Machine
    • Capacity of Cement Brick Machine

    Haomei have acquired specialization in designing and developing cement brick making machine which comply with the international quality standards.

    The cement bricks machine is well-known as burning-free brick making machine, and the cement bricks can be used after air-drying for several days. Compared with traditional cement brick plant, the cement block machine manufactures the bricks without burning. The cement block making machine has the characteristics of low investment and quick recovery of cost, so that it is popular with the investors. In addition, the construction rubbish and slag are the main raw materials of cement bricks, which saves the soil resource and realizes the reuse of waste.

    Brick/Block Size 9″ x 4″ x3″,10″ x 5″ x3″,8″ x 4″ x4″
    Brick Raw Material Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Stone Dust, Gysum, Lime Sludge,etc
    Usage/Application For Making,Fly ash bricks,Concrete Blocks,Paver Blocks,Solid Blocks, Cement Blocks, Hollow Blocks
    No. Of Bricks Per Stroke 4, 6, 8, 10,12, 14, 16 Pcs
    Pallets Size 22″ x 23″ x 19mm (Thickness)
    Automation Grade Semi or Fully Automatic
    Brick/Block Type Solid, Interlock, Hollow, Paver
    Method Hydraulic Pressure
    System  PLC Controlled
    Capacity(Blocks/Bricks ) 1000-4000 pcs per hour
    Capacity per 8 Hours 6000pcs to 40000 pcs
    Voltage 440 Volt
    Space Required 30 ft ( L) x 25 ft (W) x 16 Ft (H)
    Total Power Required 22 HP to 50 HP
    Material Mild Steel
    Accessories Main Press Machine with Vibrator System, Rollers Pan Mixture, Belt Conveyor, Bearing Conveyor, Electronic Control Panel, Hydraulic Power Pack, Material Trolley, Hydraulic Pallets trolley.
    Treatment Time of Bricks/Blocks Minimum of 7- 8 Days

    The classification of Cement Blocks Making Machine

    1, According to the mode of operation, it is distributed into full-automatic and semi-automatic block cement machine;

    2, On the basis of the moulding structure, it can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic machine;

    3, According to the mobility, it can be distributed into mobile and stationary machine.

    automatic brick machine price

    The advantages of cement brick machine are:

    1, High degree of automation
    Most parts of the machine can work automatically,such as distributing, forming, stacking and so forth, so it is easy to operation.

    2, Good quality of productions
    The machine can elevate pressure and exhaust gas more than once, which eliminates the air in the powder during elevating pressure. So that the bricks have low shrinkage and high quality without cracks.

    3, Accurate operation
    The linkage of the model frame and feeding cart ensures accurate stuffing. Meanwhile, the special device checks the height of stuffing and corrects the error automatically. The bricks made by full-automatic cement block manufacturing machine have high accuracy in size and high level in production grade.

    brick making machine manufacturer


    The strength of Haomei as cement brick making machine manufacturer:

    1. Haomei factory covering 200,000㎡, 500 workers, 35 engineers, and 90 technicians.

    2. HAOMEI provide full support on Installation&Training. We provide the block machine installation on customers’ local site. And promise to train the brick makers until customer can operate the brick machine expertly.

    3. With independent right to export, HAOMEI is one of the first company in China to export the block making machine to overseas market. Until now, HAOMEI has exported to 106 countries and region all over the world.

    4. Certificate: EU CE, ISO9001, ISO Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

    5. 50 technicians work overseas to do the service for our customers in different countries.

    Model Dimensions Weight Molding cycle Pallet size Power The highest frequency
    QT3-15 4100×1600×3000mm 4.5t 15-20S 730×580×30mm 20kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    QT4-15 5420×1550×2940mm 6.5t 15-20S 850×570×30mm 20kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    QT6-15 6350×1680×2850mm 8t 15-20S 850×700×25mm 29kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    QT8-15 4750×2000×2950mm 10t 15-20S 1080×700×25mm 33.55kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    QT10-15 8200×2000×2950mm 11t 15-20S 1150×840×40 36.55kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    QT12-15 8200×2300×3000 13t 15-20S 1310×840×40mm 46kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    QT15-15 5700×2500×3400 16t 15-20S 1320×1100mm 48kw 4800-5100(r/min)
    Theoretical yield table
    Model Product name Product specifications Number per plate Block/h Block/8h
    QT3-15 block 390×190×190 3 540 4320
    brick 240×115×90 11 1980 15840
    standard bricks 240×115×53 22 3960 31680
    QT4-15 block 390×190×190 4 720 5760
    brick 240×115×90 12--14 2160--2520 17280--20160
    standard bricks 240×115×53 24--26 4320--4680 34560--37440
    QT6-15 block 390×190×190 6 1400-1080 11520-8640
    brick 240×115×90 15 3600-2700 28800-21600
    standard bricks 240×115×53 36 7920-5940 63360-47520
    QT8-15 block 390×190×190 8 1920-1440 15360-11520
    brick 240×115×90 22 5040-3780 40320-30240
    standard bricks 240×115×53 45 10080-7560 80640-60480
    QT10-15 block 390×190×190 10 2400-1800 19200-14400
    brick 240×115×90 27 5760-4320 46086-34560
    standard bricks 240×115×53 54 12240-9180 97920-73400
    QT12-15 block 390×190×190 12 2160 17280
    brick 240×115×90 30 7200 57600
    standard bricks 240×115×53 60 14400 115200
    QT15-15 block 390×190×190 15 2700 21600
    brick 240×115×90 40 9600 76800
    standard bricks 240×115×53 80 19200 153600

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