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Cement Plant For Sale

June 8, 2021

There are various types of cement plant for sale, and the output of each type is different. Mixing 20 cubic meters per hour can choose hzs25 small concrete mixing plant, but if you plan to build a production line of 25 type concrete plant, how much does it cost? The HZS25 concrete plant mixes one tank every 60 seconds. The displacement of one tank is 0.5 cubic metre, that is 500L. The theoretical displacement per hour is 25 cubic meter. The actual output is also about 20 cubic meter. The overall size is (11693x13060x17245) mm. The total power is 60kw and the displacement is high. At present, in accordance with a number of adjusted relevant industry standards, the allowable error range of the weighing accuracy of gravel aggregate is 2%, and the weighing accuracy of the remaining raw materials is 1%.

cement plant for sale

HZS25 cement plant for sale is divided into simple type, standard type and high configuration type. According to its configuration and component selection, the price is very different. In order to understand the price of this type of concrete mixing plant more clearly, Haomei Machinery has listed the configuration table and quotation in detail for reference. The simple HZS25 concrete batching plant means mixing 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour. This type is simply equipped with a JS500 concrete mixer and a new PLD800 concrete batching machine. The standard configuration of HZS25 concrete mixing plant is JS500 mixer, PLD800 batching machine, cement weigh, water weigh, additive weigh, 3KW compressor, 2 sets of 100 cement silos, 2 sets of LSY219 screw conveyors, 1 set of computer control system. Regarding the price, you can choose according to your needs.


There are many manufacturers of cement plant for sale in China, especially in Henan province. Haomei Machinery was established in 1990. At present, it has nearly 30 years of production experience. We are all producing cement mixing plant models from HZS25 to HZS240. If you want to know the specific model of concrete mixing equipment, please call to order or investigate directly.

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