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Mobile Batching Plant Indonesia

June 3, 2021

In order to meet the needs of mobile construction project, mobile batching plant indonesia was developed on the market. Mobile concrete batching plant is a kind of movable concrete batching plant equipment. Through design, the batching system, weighing system, mixing host, storage, unloading and fully automatic control system of the concrete batching plant are concentrated in a trailer unit, and the movement of the batching plant is realized through a trailer. For fast installation and move, the mixing capacity of mobile batching plant is about 25-90m3/h.

mobile batching plant indonesia

The mobile batching plant indonesia is equipped with an aggregate batching device and a belt conveyor for conveying sand and stone aggregates. Set up the head and bracket of the belt conveyor on the aggregate storage, and the aggregate pre-feeding hopper (stores the mixed and weighed aggregate). They discharge the aggregate conveying device weighed according to the proportion into the concrete mixer. There is a concrete mixer on the mixer platform of mobile concrete batching plant, and various metering devices are installed on the top of the concrete mixer. The amounts of cement, water, plasticizer, etc. are weighed according to the proportions. After the weighing is completed, they are discharged into the mixer and the weighed aggregates mix together, and the evenly mixed concrete can be directly discharged to the concrete mixer truck for transportation.


The mobile batching plant indonesia has the following performance characteristics:

1, The structure is compact, and the concrete production process is concentrated on the trailer unit;

2, The human-machine interface is humanized, and it can still operate stably in harsh environments;

3, The quadruple seal design solves the problem of shaft head leakage, with high efficiency, low loss, and convenient installation and maintenance;

4, The complete set of mobile batching plant equipment can be transported to the construction site and assembled on-site in a full-hung form;

5, High degree of automation, simple operation and good stability.

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