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CHB Machine

February 4, 2024

The chb machine is a mechanical equipment specially used to produce hollow bricks. It has the characteristics of automation, high efficiency and energy saving. The working principle of the chb making machine is: first mix various raw materials according to a certain proportion, and then send the ingredients to the forming mechanism through a conveying device. After pressing, demoulding and other processes in the forming mechanism, concrete hollow blocks are finally formed. The entire production process is continuous, efficient and stable. At the same time, the concrete hollow block machine adopts advanced energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly materials, which can reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and meets the requirements of green environmental protection.

chb machine

The chb making machine adopts hydraulic transmission technology and is controlled by computer to achieve automated production. The main structure of concrete hollow block machine includes:

Forming mechanism:

It mainly consists of a mold, a press head and a base, and is used to press and shape concrete materials.

Conveying mechanism:

Mainly composed of conveyor belts or conveyor vehicles, used to transport formed concrete hollow blocks to designated locations.

Batching mechanism:

It is mainly composed of a hopper, a metering device and a conveying device. It is used to batch and convey various raw materials to the forming mechanism according to a certain proportion.

Hydraulic system:

Mainly composed of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, control valves, etc., used to drive and control various actions.

Electrical system:

Mainly composed of electrical cabinets, sensors, controllers, etc., used to realize automatic control and monitoring of equipment.

In short, the chb making machine is an efficient, stable and environmentally friendly concrete hollow brick production equipment, suitable for the construction of large-scale construction and engineering projects.

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