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Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

January 29, 2024

Dry mortar mixing plant is a kind of equipment for producing concrete, which adopts dry mixing process, that is, the raw materials not include water. Dry mortar mix plant is also a welcomed concrete batching plant type in Haomei Machinery, it not contains a concrete mixing machine in the equipment structure, so the cost of build a dry mix mortar plant is low, that is why it is hot sale on the market.

dry mortar mixing plant

Compared with the traditional wet concrete mixing plant, dry mortar mixing plant has the following advantages:

Saving water:

Dry mortar mix plant does not need water to mix concrete in the, so it can save a lot of water, especially suitable for water-scarce areas.

Improve production efficiency:

The measurement process of dry mix concrete batching plant makes the raw materials have been processed before entering the concrete mixer truck, which reduces the workload of the concrete mixer truck and improves the production efficiency.

Reducing environmental pollution:

Since the dry mix concrete plant does not need to use a large amount of water to mix concrete, it reduces the generation and discharge of wastewater, and reduces the pollution of the environment.

Applicable to a wide range of raw materials:

Dry mix mortar plant can be applied to a wide range of raw materials, such as cement, sand, gravel and so on, which makes its application more extensive.

High flexibility:

The pretreatment process of dry concrete mixing plant can be personalized according to different concrete formulas, making the quality of the concrete it produces more stable and reliable.

In a word, dry mortar mixing plant adopts dry production process, which has the advantages of saving water resources, improving production efficiency, reducing environmental pollution, applying to a variety of raw materials and high flexibility, which is an important equipment in modern concrete industry.

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