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Ten check notes of concrete batch plant for sale

May 4, 2017

As we have already know that a concrete batching plant is mainly composed of 5 systems and other ancillary facilities. The 5 systems are mixing console, materials weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system. The concrete batch plants are commonly used in hydraulic engineering, power engineering, bridge engineering and other projects. While be used in so many projects, the concrete mixing station need to maintenance and check regularly. Here Haomei machinery give you ten check notes of concrete batch plant for sale.

concrete batch plant for sale

1. Check the rotational parts lubrication points work situation, supply lubricating oil in time.
2. Check the amount of lubricating oil in the mixer lubricating oil cup, supply lubricating oil timely.
3. Check the oil level of the oil mist detector on pneumatic system once a week, use lubricating oil viscosity of 2.5 ~ 70 e.
4. Open the water drain valve a time every day, condensed the water out of air compressor and air storage tanks.
5. Fasteners(such as bolts and nuts )should be checked whether they are loose or not, if they are loose, they must be tighten timely, especially some parts by variable amplitude loading.
6. Check water supply, gas supply and equipment of the admixture system regularly.
7. Check the electric control system and the instrument regularly.
8. Check the concrete batch plant for sale whether the blender stirring shaft and the cylinder body is clean, if there is too much concrete condensed on the stirring shaft, workers must manually enter into the mixer tank to clean up.
9. Regular cleaning or replacement the filter of the powder tank dust catcher.
10. If the downtime is more than one week, must empty the materials in weighing hopper (such as cement, water, admixture and various kinds of aggregate), and clean the mixing console and the hopper to avoid material harden.

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