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Features of mobile asphalt mixing plant

May 3, 2017

Asphalt mixing plant, can also be called asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing equipment. It refers to the complete sets of equipment for batch production of asphalt concrete. According to the way of mixing, the asphalt mixing plant can be divided into intermittent and continuous. According to the way of handling, the asphalt mixing plant can be divided into stationary, semi fixed and mobile asphalt mixing plant. Today let us talk about the features of mobile asphalt mixing plant.

mobile asphalt mixing plant

Compared to other types of asphalt mixing plant, the mobile asphalt mixing plant has the advantages as follows:
1, the module design for handling and installation is more convenient;
2, mixing blade design is unique, a dynamic mixing cylinder makes the mixing process to be easy, reliable and efficient;
3, using imported vibration motor drive vibrating screen mesh, greatly improving the efficiency, and reduces the failure rate of equipment;
4, cloth bag dust removal can prevent from drying, placed above the drum to reduce heat loss and save space and fuel;
5, at the bottom of the bin, the structure is placed relatively, thereby reducing the equipment cover area greatly, at the same time cancel the finished product small lanes ascension space, reduces the equipment failure rate;
6, aggregate upgrading with double layout, increase the service life of the hoisting machine, improve the operation stability;
7, adopted with double machine automatic control computer and manual control system, the automatic fault diagnosis program is simple to operation and safety.
Haomei machinery are willing to introduce the mobile asphalt mixing plant to you-LBY1000, with the producing capacity of 80 ton per hour. When people buying a mobile asphalt mixing plant, the quality they consider most is using period, capacity, maintenance and service, Haomei machinery can cover all these factors you demand, with Haomei machinery, you can finish your project with efficiency and high quality!

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