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The concrete batch plant inspection checklist you want

April 11, 2017

Regularly check equipment for concrete batching plants, the work can be very time consuming, but it is necessary, firstly we can observe the equipment application situation, the second is if the equipment appears small trouble, can be timely maintenance, this may be extended appropriately the using period.concrete batch plant inspection checklist

Here is the concrete batch plant inspection checklist:
1 the machine
* whether the main work performance achieve the rated level;
* whether the machine is clean, no oil, no serious corrosion;
* whether spare parts and accessory equipment are complete;
* whether metal structure is with no deformation, no artifacts desoldering.
2 the mixing system
* Mix cylinder shovel and lining board have no serious wear deformation;
* stirring shaft sealing performance is good without slurry.
3 the ingredients system
* whether the wire rope specifications and sound level is according to the regulations;
* There is no serious wear and tear in hopper ascending way ;
* Whether the hopper upper and lower stroke switch action is sensitive and reliable;
* whether the water supply system components are complete;
* whether the additive system components is complete;
* whether the metering device is complete, the measuring accuracy is up to the standard.
4 the transmission system
* whether the transmission devices work is smooth with no abnormal noise;
* whether the reducer seal are in good condition and no leak.
5 the gas path system
* whether the air compressor working pressure and gas supply is up to standard and working properly;
* whether the electromagnetic valve is reliable and not leak
* whether the pump and pneumatic components conform to regulations
6 the electrical and protective system
* the power cable line is connect, fixed, no damage, aging, bare phenomenon;
* the motor works normally without other noise; Temperature rise is normal, collector ring work well;
* whether the components instrument are complete and effective;
* whether the shield and protective facilities are complete, sensitive and reliable.
7 the lubrication and maintenance:
* whether the lubrication parts equipment are in good condition;
* whether the amount and quality of oil in the cabinet are in accordance with the provision;
* whether the oil ejector and gas water filter in gas path, filter equipment in oil path are complete and in good condition.

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