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How to be a qualified concrete batch plant operator

April 11, 2017

More and more concrete batching plants work sites have the necessary for a experienced and eligible operator. To be a qualified concrete batch plant operator, you should master the basic knowledge related to concrete batching plant. You should know the usefulness of each department and the function of each control components. You should know mixing skill and operation process.concrete batch plant operator

The job technique of a concrete batch plant are as follows:
1, You can be responsible for the control of concrete production process, operation, ensure complete mixing production tasks on time and durable, and do a good job in concrete production record at the same time;
2, When there is any construction machinery equipment problems in the producing process, operator should repair it timely;
3, Carry out production procedures strict to ensure the concrete slump, prevent pump from plugging;
4, According to the concrete mixture ratio provided by the engineering department strict to operate the concrete plant,concrete grade input error must be forbid; On duty person should check the input concrete mixture ratio first, then start the mixing procedure when the data is confirmed.
5, When it rains in mixing process, operator should adjust water consumption in time. Boot stirring within 5-10 bucket, debug concrete slump together with the site construction person, then automatically stir when water-cement ratio is stable. In the mixing process the operator should be ready to inspect the slump at any time, in case of any accidents. As informed, the site should according to the engineering manager requires of production quantity and strength grade, make sure that there is not waste and concrete strength problem;
6, Weekly inspection of mixer, cement, aggregate, ensure measurement accuracy. Adjust the error in time, can not delay the adjust for the reason of small error;
7, Timely examine the case of cement in the weighing hopper, if you found the product mass, clean it up immediately, avoid cement measurement errors;
8, The mixer must be clean after mixing every time, inspect and record equipment operation. Shall not be any residual concrete and sand around mixer, blender and hopper. if there is leakage of material should clean up in time to avoid waste of material;
9, Clean up the manner cab and work station in time, reduce dust deposition, enter the operation room 10 minutes early every day, to be prepared for succession. Guarantee the normal work of the electrical switch;
10, The operator should look and listen at work, when there are sound components, you should communicate with the mechanics for repair and maintenance;
If you can do all these well,I am sure you can be a qualified concrete batch plant operator!

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