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Concrete block maker factory

August 18, 2020

Buy concrete block maker machine from China Haomei Machinery will help you to improve productivity and save cost. Concrete block machine is an equipment that uses cement concrete as raw material to produce blocks. The hydraulic system of Haomei concrete block maker machine is reliable, so the producing efficiency is high and the processing is stable, so the investment is not high, but the profit is very impressive.

concrete block maker

Features of Haomei QT series concrete block making machine are:

1, The concrete block machine adopts closed belt conveying, and strictly controls the small and semi-storage volume, so that it can be used as soon as it is sent to prevent the concrete from liquefying in advance due to aftershocks and ensure the strength of the product.

2, The overall structure of the concrete block machine is compact, the equipment is reasonable, and the rotating part adopts a mechanized device, which is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. Pressing up and down, directional vibration, frequency conversion brake, to achieve high-density, high-strength molding effect.

3, The concrete block making machine has multiple functions, and it can be equipped with different molds to produce block products of different shapes and specifications. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, simple to operate, convenient to maintain, and not prone to failure to ensure normal production.

4, The unique cutting and arch breaking device makes the material quickly and evenly fed into the mold box; the special double-end composite output vibration technology, reasonable vibrator layout, so that the exciting force is evenly distributed in the vibration table.


The concrete block maker is rich in raw materials and has a wide range of sources. Its production process is simple, and the investment in building a factory is quick and effective. It can be produced on a large scale, and it is suitable for the majority of rural areas and cities. The use of concrete block machines is not only advanced in design, wide in applicability, and simple in construction and operation; but also can shorten the construction period and reduce the project cost. It can be said that the investment is low and the effect is quick.

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