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Hollow brick machine manufacturers

August 25, 2020

Hollow brick machine manufacturers in China have the highlight of low price, high quality, long using life and free mold. The price is always the most concerned issue for all customers when buying hollow brick making machine equipment. Every customer wants to buy a set of satisfactory equipment at the lowest price. Here our technical staff at Haomei Machinery will simply help you analyze and help you quickly understand the cost of the hollow brick machine, so that you can know it well.

hollow brick machine manufacturers
1, Cost, we will design a plan according to the needs of customers, tell you in detail the direction of each of your money, the cost of these hollow brick machine equipment can be calculated, most of the materials are used steel, the price of steel There is also a market, so by calculating the tonnage of the equipment, and then multiplying it by the unit price of the steel, the cost of the material can be roughly calculated.

2, Auxiliary equipment, motors, conveyor belts, mixers, etc., these are all prices, you can find out when you inquire.


After purchase equipment from hollow brick machine manufacturers, we should install and run the machine to check whether is can work normally, method of debugging hollow brick machine are:
1, When investigating hollow brick machine manufacturers, the first thing to look at is the strength of the manufacturer’s production! Also look at the accuracy of the processed parts in the production process of the equipment, and whether the hollow brick machine equipment can be used in the work process after the installation of the equipment normal work.

2, Whether there is abnormal movement during the trial work of hollow brick machine equipment, the key is whether the transmission process can reach the required goal.

3, When the hollow block machine runs for a period of time, check whether the motor heats up normally.

4, Knock on the structure of the hollow brick making machine, distinguish the wall thickness by listening to the sound, and prevent the brick machine equipment from cutting corners.

5, Check the hydraulic and transmission parts of the hollow block making machine for oil leakage and noise.

6, Whether the various organizations cooperate in place in the operation process of the electrical cabinet of the hollow brick machine.

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