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Precautions for purchase concrete batching plant equipment

September 1, 2020

The concrete batching plant equipment is indispensable machine is urban building, road, railway, port and bridge construction projects. To ensure the construction quality, it is necessary for the purchase department to choose a set of concrete batching plant with high quality, high efficiency and long service life. It is not a east task for the new friend, so Haomei Machinery summarize the purchase preparations for concrete batching plant product.

concrete batching plant equipment

1, Preliminary preparations for purchasing concrete batching plant equipment

You should first understand your own current situation and specific needs, you can learn some basic information about the batching plant equipment through online information, and then ask several concrete batching plant manufacturers about the price, quality, etc., you must choose to consult the regular concrete mixing plant manufacturer, let It guides you the purchase process of concrete mixing plant equipment.


2, After you have your own site and funds in place, you must visit the concrete batching plant manufacturer

Everyone knows that the material of concrete batching plant and environmental protection equipment are important elements that constitute the cost of concrete batching plant. Reasonable selection of materials is an important means to control the price of concrete plant equipment. Under normal circumstances, the materials used for concrete batching plants are all the same, so you can ask the batching plant manufacturer a little bit about this item during the inspection. For example, how thick is the steel plat of the concrete mixer in the concrete batching plant, if your concrete batching plant have requirements for dust removal, sewage treatment and constant temperature mute devicesis, these are all to be investigated. You need to ask what the specific components of the environmentally friendly concrete batching plant and general concrete batching plant are.


3, When purchasing, inquire about the qualification, reputation, quality assurance, after-sales and other issues of the concrete batching plant manufacturer in all directions

When purchasing, it is better to find an established concrete batching plant manufacturer. Before the final payment is paid, let the batching plant manufacturer conduct a test machine according to your requirements, mainly to check the quality and production efficiency of the concrete batching plant equipment, and at the same time write the concrete batching plant manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales issues into the contract.

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