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Cost of concrete mixer JS

September 4, 2020

The cost of concrete mixer twin shaft JS series is related to the volume, output and model, the model varies from JS500 to JS4000. The forced type concrete mixer has high production efficiency and good concrete mixing quality. It is the most widely used concrete mixing equipment at home and abroad. It can mix the concrete evenly by squeezing and cutting materials. The concrete mixer has the advantages of compact structure, stable operation, simple operation, good mixing quality, the main models are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000. The compulsory concrete mixer has a reasonable design structure and a novel layout, it can be used alone or combined into a concrete batching plant host.

cost of concrete mixer

Forced concrete mixers are generally used in slightly larger construction projects or concrete precast plants. They can be combined with concrete batching machines and other concrete equipment to form a concrete batching plant. It is currently one of the most efficient concrete mixing equipment on the market and is also the most used concrete mixing equipment. Take model JS750 concrete mixer as the example:

1, Features of JS750 forced concrete mixer

JS750 concrete mixer has a rated discharge capacity of 0.75 cubic meters of concrete each time. It has a series of advantages such as uniform mixing, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient operation and short cycle time. It is suitable for various small and medium-sized construction projects. Mix dry hard, plastic, fluid and lightweight aggregate concrete with various mortars.

2, the advantages of JS750 forced mixer

Haomei Machinery JS750 concrete mixer adopts high wear-resistant alloy mixing arm technology, which has good mixing quality and high mixing efficiency. In addition, the cost of concrete mixer JS750 is reasonable, so it is welcomed on the market and win great reputation.

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