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Concrete Mixer 1.5 m3

July 1, 2024

Concrete mixer 1.5 m3, also known as JS1500 concrete mixer or concrete mixer 1500 L, is the preferred equipment in the field of concrete production. With a nominal capacity of 1500L, 1.5 m3 concrete mixer is suitable for a wide range of materials and engineering needs, including concrete mixing operations for small projects or special occasions.

concrete mixer 1.5 m3

The concrete mixer 1.5 m3 usually has small exterior dimensions for ease of use in tight spaces. Its dimensions are roughly 2.5 m x 1.5 m x 2 m. The mixing capacity of a 1.5 cubic meter concrete mixer is 1.5 cubic yards, which means it can produce 1.5 cubic yards of concrete slurry at a time. The JS1500 concrete mixer is a middle size model in JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, it is often used in HZS90 concrete batching plant as the main mixing machine, theoretically it can mix 75-90 cubic meters of concrete in an hour.

The concrete mixer 1.5 m3 usually adopts forced mixing mode, mixing cement, aggregate, water and admixture fully through the mixing blade to ensure the uniformity of concrete slurry. The power source of the 1.5 cubic meter concrete mixer is usually electric motor or diesel engine, which has stable power output and high efficient mixing effect. The 1.5 m3 concrete mixer is suitable for the small-scale construction site, rural construction, road maintenance and other small-scale concrete mixing operations, with high mixing efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance and other characteristics.

The price of concrete mixer 1.5 m3 varies according to brand, configuration, region and other factors. Famous brands on the market include SICOMA, HAOMEI, etc., with a price range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Concrete mixer 1.5 m3 has an important role in small-scale projects, which can meet the demand of small-scale concrete mixing production and improve construction efficiency and concrete quality. When choosing and using 1.5 cubic meter concrete mixer, you need to make reasonable selection and operation according to the specific project requirements and construction scale.

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